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ACE Online Interview

[GM]Tantalus_Bandit and [GM]Dgenerator of SubaGames are here to provide some updates and news about the 3D sci-fi shooter ACE online.

Q: What do you do to keep things fresh in ACE Online?

A: We are constantly running new events and working with the developers in order to bring players the best experience possible. Getting feedback and tweaking our events to fit the player's needs and implementing their ideas is very important. We try to stay close with the community and making sure all information is given to players through multiple sources. We talk to them through facebook and our official Suba Games forums as well as in-game. We are also starting a beta run for an official fan site. You can find all the following in the links here, and be sure to check them out and show your support

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Q: What makes ACE Online different from other MMO's?

A: ACE Online is a full 3-d sci-fi space fighter MMO, it has a large focus on PvP and group PvE, players have the chance to participate in large dog-fight type battles, as well players are offered the chance to dual other players in one on one battles and small group formations, taking to the sky to battle the opposing nation. ACE also features events that put the two nations in constant battles to fight out and become the strongest. In Ace: Online we also offer a very unique game play experience because it is a fully 3-d fighter and there is nothing else like it on the market in terms of MMO
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Q: What new content is coming to ACE: online in the near future?

A: We are getting ready to release a large content update on September 1st. We are really excited and are sure the players are going to enjoy what we have in store, we will be releasing the much anticipated J-ARK map, two new event monster will be released; the 'Ice cream tank' and the 'Ice cream jet.'Tthey will drop capsules which will have a 'sweet treat' in-store for any player lucky enough to get one. Last but not least a new weapon tier will be released in the weapon token machines, so try your luck at winning big!

Q: Is there any big news you would like to share

A: Right now we are running the North American tournament for ACE: online. Sign up is continuing until September 9th and you can find all the rules and information here.

This is a one vs one tournament with the top two winners of this will be go on to represent North America in the world tournament at the G-Star convention in Pusan, South Korea to take place in the ACE: online World Championships. There will be prizes to all other members as well.

Here at SubaGames we would like to take a moment to thank MMOsite for giving us the chance to have this interview and allowing us this chance to share with the community news and information about ACE online.