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ACE Online: Announces Closed Beta

SUBA Games has announced Closed Beta Testing for ACE Online starting August 18th, 2008. They expect it to last approximately 1 week, which at that time they will start Open Beta Testing. They encourage and appreciate your support during this time. Any questions or concerns you may have during this period, kindly refer to the FAQ section found on our website and also in game. If the FAQ doesn't address the issue you're experiencing, please direct all questions to ACE Online support (accessible through our website), or browse their forums for a possible solution. Thank you for your interest in ACE Online and look forward to seeing you in game!

ACE Online is an action based Massive Multiplayer (MMP) 3D Space Shooter. In ACE Online, players can pilot their own fighter ships (also known as Gears), on a futuristic world where they can upgrade skills or the Gear itself. In ACE Online, gamers have full control over the Gear's movement, making it very different from the traditional style RPG's mouse click control method. This is a Role-Playing Game (RPG), but with all the fun and action of a First Person Shooter (FPS). Since the background of ACE Online is based in a spacious 3D atmosphere, players need to be aware that an enemy missile can strike at any time and from any direction.

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01. Missions

ACE Online missions are similar to quests in any RPG. As it is a flight shooting game, there exist various intergalactic quests in large quantities to keep players entertained. When a mission is accomplished, gamers will move through the storyline and receive items and rewards as compensation. These rewards will assist a player through the journey into the depths of ACE Online.

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02. Battle Formation/Brigade System

In ACE Online there is a formation system similar to a regular party in any RPG. A maximum of 6 players can fly any formation (triangle, reverse triangle, X form and so on). The formation leader stays in the middle to move around and fight. Skills that generate from each formation are all different, depending on who participates in the formation. A much stronger formation can be achieved if members of the group work in perfect harmony. Additionally, there is another formation system similar to a guild in any RPG, which is known as a “Brigade? There can be up to 40 people within the brigade, with the leader in the middle. By registering their own brigade mark, they can be identified from the other users.

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